Score System

There are three score systems in this game, and all three are at play simultaneously. In order to get the highest scores, use all three to your advantage!

1) Accuracy

The points you get for each rocket you shoot down depends upon your Accuracy %. If you shoot down a 100-point rocket with 76% Accuracy, you'll get 76 points. If you shoot down a 200-point rocket with 52% accuracy, you'll get 104 points, etc.

2) Multi-combo.

Shooting down multiple rockets in a single shot will multiply the points you get. You will get the point-value of the rockets shot down, multiplied by the amount of rockets in the combo.

3) Stack-combo.

Shooting down consecutive rockets without missing a shot raises your Stack. The higher your Stack, the higher your bonus points will be when the Stack is cleared. The stack is cleared every time you miss a shot, or once you reach the Boss.

Enemy Guide

Level 1
Standard Rocket
Lv1 Wave1 Wave 14 Dmg1 HP100 points
Plain rocket, goes down in one shot and does moderate damage.
Big Rocket
Lv1 Wave2 Wave 29 Dmg3 HP300 points
Stronger version of the Standard rocket, takes 3 hits to shoot down.
Level 2
Mirror Rocket
Lv2 Wave1 Wave 15 / 10 Dmg1 / 2 HP100 points
Two rockets in one. After shooting the first half, the second half will spawn on the opposite side of the screen. The second half only does half damage. These can be lined up to get high multi-combos.
Spawn Rocket
Lv2 Wave2 Wave 212 Dmg3 HP150 points
Three rockets in one. Destroying this rocket breaks it up into its three components, each of which does a 3rd of the damage of the full rocket.
Spawn Child Rocket
Lv2 Wave2 Wave 24 Dmg1 HP30 points
Come in groups of three, after destroying a Spawn Rocket. Use these to get high multi-combos.
Level 3
Energy Rocket
Lv3 Wave1 Wave 17 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 Dmg5 HP200 points
These rockets slow down with each shot they take, but in doing so they increase in size and do more damage. Slowing down several of them can help line them up for a multi-combo.
Shield Rocket
Lv3 Wave2 Wave 210 Dmg2 / 3 / 4 HP300 points
Shield Rockets have random hit points, so you can never be sure when they will die. This means you can't spam them with shots or you will lose your stack, and they are hard to link with multi-combos. On the other hand, you can sometiems get a free multi-combo from one of these unexpectedly.
Special Rockets
Boss Rocket
Boss Wave Boss Wave5 Dmg1 HP
Simple rocket that Bosses fire, they come in varying speeds and in many different patterns. They can help you keep your accuracy high.
Super Rocket
Wave 3 All Levels Wave 340 Dmg20 HP2000 points
These appear on the third wave of every stage. Try to get some in a multi-combo for high points.
Light Rocket
Boss 3 Boss 34 Dmg1 HP
Boss 3 special attack.
Super Boss Rocket
Boss 3 Boss 330 Dmg10 HP
Aim well and fast, time is short. Don't let them screw with your accuracy.
Super Dark Boss Rocket
Boss 3 Boss 3 X Max Dmg15 HP